Manage Risk, Avoid Danger – A Sensible Approach to Child Safety

The Child Safety Education Coalition (CSEC) has a website dedicated to encouraging and supporting activities which contribute to a reduction in unintended injuries to children and young people. In order to achieve their aim the member organisations will work together to educate and protect children from real dangers whilst at the same time provide opportunities for them to develop a common sense approach to risk and confidence.

Children Must Not be Wrapped in Cotton Wool.

This is a welcome approach: The Health and Safety Executive has published a light hearted myth of the month item for a couple of years now, many of them centred round unfound policies relating to the safety of children. This coalition which is promoting a common sense approach to risk, where children are allowed to play conkers and throw snowballs but are protected from real dangers, like being scolded by a radiator should be encouraged.

Heating Appliances – Have you got them covered?

The Care Homes Regulations of 2001 (13) confers a duty of care on the registered person to ensure that –

  • (a) all parts of the care home to which service users have access are so far as reasonably practicable free from hazards to their safety;
  • (c) unnecessary risks to the health or safety of service users are identified and so far as possible eliminated. Statutory Instrument 2001 No. 3965, Crown Copyright 2001

The Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) report that around 80 people a day are injured by hot pipes and radiators. As with many accidents, it is often the most vulnerable, the very young and the very old, who are most at risk; If you are the registered person or have responsibility for young people or old people in your care, taking the iniative to reduce these injuries by fitting radiator guards and covering hot pipes should be considered.