Improve Your Safety Programs With OSHA’s New Safety Educational Videos

Videos are a very effectual resource when used for training purposes, as they grab the attention of the audience, being a form of mass communication that delivers the message such that it stays in the viewer’s mind. However, powerful videos require significant financial resources and not every training program out there can conveniently produce worthwhile training videos, you have to be very careful about the choice you make.

In recent past, OSHA (Occupational safety and Health Administration) released twelve educational videos, animated in nature, which focused on the probable dangers on construction sites for workers. The videos imitate reality as much as possible and span over falls in construction, struck-by tragedies, sprains or strains, carbon monoxide poisoning and excavation. They are available in both Spanish and English languages which is a huge plus.

Since the videos can be downloaded for free, it allows the general public especially the safety managers at construction job-sites to integrate the videos creatively in any safety themed seminars or training programs. There are a variety of ways you can utilize these videos so that they benefit yourself and your employees, helping in the growth and progress of your company and for very positive long-term results.

In a few simple creative steps, you can create a YouTube channel for your company and add these videos to it so that the staffs view them. Of course, you can add your own videos to the channel when you’re ready for it. Conversely you may add the videos to your company website as well; other than educating your employees, it will give a positive impression to the website visitors about your concern for employee safety. The videos can also be transferred into tablets like iPads, which can be used to conduct a general safety overview on site, even on a daily basis. This can be extended to computer-based trainings for employees-unless you’re not a trainer, you must be aware of the numerous possibilities here.

There are many other possible ways you can benefit from these great educational videos. Without doubt, these videos are a good resource for your company as they enlighten you about different strategies you can adopt for safety measures in your company. Their public nature also makes it possible to derive further videos and training program’s from them, making your workplace much safer and help you benefit more in terms of advancing and introducing technological changes.