Gun Safety In The Home

Gun safety is a collection of rules and recommendations that can be followed when handling firearms. The purpose of gun safety is to eliminate the risks of injury or death caused by improper handling of firearms. Follow these general rules when handling firearms.

Treat firearms as if they are loaded

Point the muzzle away from non-targets

Keep fingers off the trigger

Be sure of your target-and of what is beyond it

Gun safety at home is intended to prevent access to and discharge of a firearm. Preventing access to firearms serves a duel purpose in that it also protects the firearm from theft.

An effective method of preventing access to a firearm is to store it disassembled and to keep the parts separated. Ammunition may also be stored away from the firearm.

A lock that prevents pulling the trigger, blocks the chamber or in any other way prevents the firearm from being discharged may be used for additional safety. This also makes the firearm less useful to thieves as the firearm cannot be used unless the lock is removed. Such locks are commonly designed so that they cannot be removed without permanently damaging the firearm. This method is considered less effective than keeping firearms locked in a safe or a gun cabinet since locks are more easily compromised than approved safes.

Most firearm experts do not promote the use of trigger locks. In most cases, the firearm can still be loaded and a round put in the chamber with the lock in place. In some cases, the firearm can even be fired with a trigger lock secured around the trigger guard.

If a firearm is intended to be used for self defense at home, special-purpose locking devices exist that allow the owner to store the fully loaded firearm in a safe manner while still providing quick access to it. However, if children can gain access to the firearm the owner should take precautions beyond just the use of locking storage containers. He should also provide gun safety education to the children.

In summary, never put a firearm in the hands of an inexperienced user without close supervision and schooling in firearm safety.