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Guide to Designing Your Company Logo

There are many things that a company logo represents such as the company’s ideas, nature, values, and its vision for the future. Companies need logos so that they can create a lasting impression in people’s minds about a company and its values. In a logo people should be able to relate to a company’s quality and values. If you want to build your company’s brand image, then it is important to have a unique and timeless logo design.

Logos need not be design masterpieces. It does not need to prove how great a designer the logo maker is. Logos are there to speak for your company and it is judged based on the elements forming the design. Here are some tips in making a logo that will be something that people will remember because of its uniqueness.

Your competitors’ logos should feel inferior to yours. It must be unique in such a way that people relate that logo to only one company and they are not confused to which company the logo belongs to.

Logo fads and trends may be there for now, but will soon die out and so experts suggest not to follow them. You logo design should be timeless, which means that even long after it has been created, it still have value to people.

One great example is the logo of Mercedes Benz which is a simple three-pointed star. For more than 80 years people have recognized the logo to be owned by just one company. This is one of the most recognized logos in the world that has survived in people’s minds through all the wars and economic downturns.

Do not ever copy or get inspiration from the logo of another company. You will not have your own identity if you do this and you can be in trouble legally for trademark violations.

You should have a compact logo that will look good on any display items like brochures, magazines, business cards, and websites. In your logo, the text should be readable, neither too small nor too big.

A simple logo can still be a beautiful one. If you want your logo to be easily read, then simple fonts should be used. Use less than three colors and have minimal variations in the fonts that you use. Too many colors and too many fonts can spoil your logo and makes it forgettable.

You can still express your company’s business, culture, values, and vision with a simple, unique and adaptable logo design.

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